Never Choose Against The Divine Laws of The Universe

One cold Saturday night in St. John’s around 2005, I was kicking through the slush from one gig to another. I lugged a trumpet, guitar, and amp – part Tinker, part Sherpa. And I was angry. Angry that the gigs paid so poorly, that I wasn’t into the music, that the crowds sucked, that it was cold, that I’d rather be home practicing.

Then at the bottom of McMurdo’s lane I bump into drummer Brad Kilpatrick. He could see my perma-scowl. Never one to mince words, young Brad came aboard me stating clearly that the life of a musician is not one that is chosen. It choses you. If you don’t choose to live it, then see how you like choosing against the divine laws of the universe.

Big words from just a drummer.

Of course he was, and is, correct. I have never forgotten that moment and have since learned not to complain about a full calendar. The calendar IS full. We just had a marvelous visits at UVic from Christine Duncan, Tanya Tagaq and Klisala Harrison. I’ll do a proper post on all that later. Sleep is at a premium and it ought not be any other way.

Sat Oct 21 with Micheal McClure and Carol Sokoloff

Sun Oct 22 with Boyle, McFetridge & Young

Thu Oct 26 with Hans Verhoeven Ryan Oliver, Brent Jarvis, and Ken Lister

Sun Oct 29 with Tony Genge with Roy Styffe and Kelby MacNayr

Sat Nov 4 the Makehouse Grand Opening Party with Tom Vickery

Sun Nov 5 with Tom Vickery

Sun Nov 12 with Bill Brennan

Thinking of you Brad aka City Mouse.