New Album: After Forgetting

My new record “After Forgetting” is finally out. This one took a while to get together. It features my dear friend Bill Brennan on piano. Bill and I have a great relationship on and off stage. We know how to make each other laugh and we’ve really been there for each other through the years. On bass, you’ll hear Mike Downes. Many moons ago, I cold-called Mike to play on a different project. We have since become great friends. I love Mike as a bassist but I’m also drawn to his compositional mind. He contributed a great deal of direction on the music on “After Forgetting.” Then there is Michael Billard on drums. No one on this planet plays like he does. He is possibly the most telepathic drummer I’ve ever worked with. If I had to pick a single word to describe the music on this record, it is “space.” Billard’s contributions go a long way in creating a sense of anticipation I hear on this outing. But you should hear it for yourself and make up your own mind.

This was recorded in St. John’s, NL a few years ago. It took some time for me to get it out because of several major life events relating to work and marriage. Talking to producer Glen Tilley, we ultimately decided it was worth the effort and expense to press this on vinyl in addition to CD and I’m glad we did.

Terry Winsor was the engineer. The Glen and Terry dynamic duo are a significant force in Canadian jazz music. They’ve been a part of so many interesting releases. In my mind, they are both musicians who happen to “play the studio.” Their ears are vast and they are intimately concerned with vibe. To that end, Glen is the ultimate producer. As I recall, I was somewhat of a colossal mess during this session, which is largely in contrast to how the music sounds. I think I was particularly anxious and nervous, wanting to get it “just right.” Glen has a way of getting everyone to get out of their own way and concentrate on the music and for that I am so thankful.

Steve Lilly mastered it. There’s another guy with gigantic ears. It was recorded well from the get go. Steve largely just got out of the way. He understood the open concept we were going for. That was again matched by the design work of Bruce Alcock. He took a photo of mine of a shed at my dad’s childhood home and turned it into an incredibly detailed, resonant image. I am so thrilled that the look and sound of this album align. Special thanks to old friend Robert Buck for getting is just right on the manufacturing side.

And so now what? I suppose I should celebrate it and indeed I will. But this album feels different. I’ve made a couple of records now. But with this one I am more happy to release it in a celebratory mood. We took a lot of time to get this right and I am glad we didn’t rush it.

There are two release concerts currently planned. Both events are FREE ADMISSION with non-perishable food bank donations strongly encouraged.


Fri Nov 2 at 8pm (click here for FB event)

The Makehouse

2950 Douglas Street (at Burnside)

Victoria BC

Patrick Boyle: trumpet

George McFetridge: piano

James Young: double bass


Thu Dec 13 at 8pm (click here for FB event)

Suncor Energy Hall

Memorial University School of Music

St. John’s, NL

Patrick Boyle: trumpet

Bill Brennan: piano

Against all current logic, I still prefer a physical musical product. I have a growing collection of vinyl. Mainly Canadian jazz music, Ornette records, and Irish music. So that’s why I still put out records: because I listen to them. I hope you listen to mine. It’ll be available in all the regular online spots very soon. For now, it’s at Beat Street in Vancouver and Fred’s in St. John’s, or even better….buy it at the shows!