A selection of my scores for download. Please contact me about new commissions. I’d love to collaborate.

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Harbours [listen]

From the album Still No Word (2008). I worked on ships for a long time and got to thinking that sometimes the storm is safer than the port.

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Did I Ever [listen]

A Lee Konitz/Lennie Tristano inspired tune over the changes to “Have You Met Miss Jones?”

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As In Not Anymore

Based on the changes of “I Thought About You.”

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Cveti [listen]

This is a reharmonization of a traditional Croatian piece which in English translates as “Bloom For Me, My Violet.” It’s on the album Still No Word (2008).

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Heart and Mind [listen]

From a 2010 CBC Commission “Well Enough Alone” acknowledging the 60th anniversary of Newfoundland joining Canada. The recording opens with a beautiful unaccompanied bass solo by the great Jim Vivian.

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Twin Crusaders [listen]

A 2012 commission for Sound Symposium for percussion duo. Premiered by Rob Power and Ed Squires. After a short but dramatic improvisation, the chart begins at 2:11 of the recording.

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Big R [listen]

Balkan inspired blues tune written in honour of my favourite fish and chips restaurant in St. John’s, NL. From the album Hold Out (2005).

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Vinyl [listen]

When people say “music is a universal language” that’s not exactly true. Language isn’t even a universal language. You can’t order a hot dog with a B flat. In this piece, I attempted to construct a dedicated, closed system of communication. A player plays a signal (e.g. 1st page signal), then a corresponding interval (e.g. perfect fourth) and that indicates that the band should play #4. It’s a total riot.

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Just Go [listen]

I wrote this tune in about 15 minutes by setting up the challenge “what can I make using only two fingers on each hand?” That’s why the chart includes the bass clef.

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Ta An Bothar Fada

Playing trad music on trumpet is one of my favourite things to do. This is an original tune of mine that has a notable extra beat in the B section to keep an ear out for.

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Same Here

Originally part of a longer suite, it lives alone now. I wanted to write something with loads of space to highlight the rhythm section. Works well with two horns or just one.

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Fresh Duds [listen]

Weirdo bumpkin blues designed to be a little creepy and a little funny. One night at the Banff Centre in 2004, I was playing at the Club in a group organized by bassist Rob Uffen. I recall pianist Steve Amirault and the late and very great drummer Chris Driscoll being in the band. Rob asked Bill Frisell to sit in with us and we all played this tune together. Living on the cusp of dreams!